Wouldn't it be great if the tools you need to access your education were free? Well, they are! Most of our recommendations are Free, Open-Source apps which give everyone equal access to the tools they need and while some of our listings here have commercial licences, they are all free.

I started freesoftwareforstudents when I was teaching in Central London. Many of our kids were on free school meals which meant that their parents had an income of less than £15,500 at the time. Spending money on Software to access Digital Learning was a complete no-no so I started finding legal, free alternatives, burn them to a CD and give them away, 15 years later, we've distributed the equivalent of over £300,000,000 of software packages.

Now all kids can be making fantastic presentations, getting homework and assignments done using word-processing, videos, sound, spreadsheets, databases, artwork, web pages, email clients and many more tools which are constantly being developed by hundreds of developers around the world.

 Mother helping her daughter to use a laptop             Mother helping Son on a computer

If you think that there is a great app or bit of software that we haven't noticed yet, please let us know by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we would be delighted to include it. the only rule is, it has to be free! 

 Dad with his kids on a laptop